This cold is just not meant to be.

I have to look back from a few years ago. A trip to the great north was in store. The guys and I at work had been planning this trip for quite some time and discussions about what to bring and what snow sled to bring and what food . The day came soon and we all gathered at our friends house to make a caravan trip to Moosehead, Northeast Cary. This is at the far end of the lake and it was going to be a 5 hour trip. Phew, we are going to be plasted before we get there is what I’m thinking. You know the liquids go down pretty good when a trip has begun. So we moved on, heading north to the land of moose,bear,and deer. The temperature is working its way down the scale and I’m wondering if I brought enough clothes to keep me warm . Along the way and almost to our camp, the liquids have kept the ride enjoyable. We are now arriving at the camp so I thought. Ok, one of the boys states, come on we have to get the snowmobiles running and  have to haul our supplies to the camp by trail. We are all traveling now down the trail with me standing on the back of a dog sled. I thought I saw a moose, you see that. No one is listening to me I’m sure of it. Hey, funny things go through your mind when your way up there in the cold and in the woods. We made it to camp and stoaked a fire, it’s going to take awhile to get the frost out of the walls one fella stated. Ok, freeze my arse off why don’t I, but I’m sure he is correct,been there before I’m sure of it. The next morning with a hangover lingering we decide it is time to pack up and go out icefishing. This is the reason we came after all. Two sleds packed with our gear and two guys on the back of the dog sleds. It is snowing like crazy and it is fresh snow and you can hardly walk on the ice because you will fall on your bum. I told the fella’s, once you get going don’t stop until we get there. If you stop moving then try to take off again I don’t think we can get traction.We are off into the unknown, on Moosehead Lake in a blazing snow storm. We probably went about a mile and the other fella driving stops the sled. I am now kinda angry because I told him not to stop. I walk over to him and say, What the heck? How come you stopped?His reply, I’m sick. What? we just started. I don’t know, I think it is the snow going by my eyes and I have vertigo. I decided to drive him back to camp and then meet up with the other guys. Well, funny story here. When the other other guys started to go the track was spinning and the guy on the dog sled got off and tapped the driver on the shoulder. The look on his face when that guy did that. Well vertigo again. The driver thought he was moving. I still laugh at this even writing this. We then proceeded to our fishing spot. We setup a small dome tent to try and keep out of the wind. I have never been in a place so cold as that day. With the windchill factor it was -40 something degrees. If you took your hand out of your glove it would instantly freeze. Hey, that white spot on your hand is frostbite. I told this other fella about this cold and he told me he has never been frost bitten before. Oh, what is that white spot on your nose?Huh? Yes, you have frostbite my friend. Everyone of us received frostbite to some extent that day. The trip back was another adventure, the sleds didn’t want to start. So I never want to be in cold like this again, but the adventure was interesting and we had a lot of fun. We did catch fish and the liquids turned to ice and some funny vertigo stories. The great north is exciting and can be very cold on a lake, that I do know.


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