The Wild Adventure

Funny how the most daring things sometimes are the most fun. Brings me back to the days of snowmobiling out in the cow pastures behind our house. We had a moto-ski long track, I guess this meant at the time it had a long seat that could fit my dad,brother, and I. What an great name for a sled, LOOOONG TRACK. It sounded so fast and it did go fast. That sled could go through the backcountry like no other. Well, maybe the Elan by Sk-idoo had one up on it. Still the possibilities with this sled. One day my dad and my brother and I decided to climb Mt Moosehill , right up the face my father stated. Me being in the middle, I turned around real fast and looked at my brother. We both knew at that point and communicated to each other the excitement that was before us. You know, being twins we have ESP, and don’t even have to whisper a word, we know. So off to the big Mountain we go. Yup Dad was right, going up the face you boys, he stated. Holy crapola you get bounced around a lot being in the middle. I took it like a man and rode up that big mountain. Grit and Bear it we are almost there. I can see pine trees, and the sky is opening up, we must be getting close to the top. The moto-ski and the riders had made it. We took a gander around and could see all the way to Jay, three-hundred and sixty degree’s back in those days, Fayette to the other side. Wow, I looked at my brother with excitement, gave him the ESP again and thought how in the heck are we going to make it down. Dad hollered, come on sons we are heading home. Right down the face? I’m thinking this is going to be the ride like no other. We went down the face with my cheeks fluttering. Dad hollered something, I turned my neck to look at my brother, gave him that look, what the heck did he say?. I turned again and the words were pieced together. NO BRAKES HOLD ON!  Sure Dad, you would not possibly go up this hill knowing we had no brakes. Down we went at Mach Six speeds, hang on boys. Phew. the ride of the century. We came to the bottom and there was a ninety degree curve, no way was we going to make it. Dad so strong, turned that Moto-ski in a fashion that no other could turn that racing sled and we made it. Thanks Dad for the memories.


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