Softened Through the Years

2012-02-26 19.04.25
I’ve have softened in my years. Soft in many ways, my stomach is not the six pack I had when I was young. Oh, I never had a six pack stomach but many of six packs. What I’m talking about is with my pet. The big dog, who looks at me with those big brown eyes. Whoof daddy! You know they are our kids now, so mom and dad are appropriate to say. I woke this morning real early in preparation of preparing breakfast for my wife. Someone has to work in the family so when she strives off to work, I want to make sure breakfast is in her every morning. She doesn’t have a six pack either. I make sure of that. The dog is still looking at me with those big brown eyes, Whoof! He is wanting something and it probably is the egg and cheese I’m cooking. So every time I cook the eggs and cheese, mind you without the yoke’s, he gets his very own egg yoke and cheese dish. Woof! I’m hurrying my son, you will have to wait putty boy because mommy is waiting too. So hardly hard, and a little soft but I mean well.

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