The Hunter Within Me

I have come to the conclusion that I could be a deer hunter. I tried it for a few years a long time ago but was stuck in a tree with my arse frozen to the seat. I often think about taking a course again and trying to go out and get me a deer. You know I really like venison a lot. I used to be a hawk-eye and could see an ant from 500 feet. I am certain today that I could shoot a bear or deer at 50 feet with my eyes now. I do get excited for all the people that I know who go out and try to catch the elusive monster. It really is a lot of skill because I know that the deer today are well schooled, most have gone on to grad school. I will someday become a hunter and try to catch the wild meat that we have here in Maine. I do want to say please be safe my friends and always wear long johns, because your arse might freeze to your seat.

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