Month: November 2013

Beer Making Business-Failure or Success?


Years ago I tried making beer. I bought a kit that included the 5 gallon jug and all the beer making stuff included. The first part told me to boil the stuff in this bag and add water and sugar. No problem I could do this I had made a pie before. So the stuff started to boil and I was really not paying too much attention until it hit the critical temperature and Mt St. Helen’s erupted and made the biggest mess I have ever seen on the stove top. My wife wasn’t too impressed with this adventure. I brought the temperature down a little and things started to look much better. When this process was done it told me to add water and put this brine into the 5 gallon jug and to put a stopper on the top with a bubbler. I would watch these bubbles until I fell asleep every night. Bubble Bubble! I’m thinking how long does this take, come on, 2 weeks and still bubbling. Well, finally one day after getting back from work I checked it and the bubble process had stopped. The book told me that it was time to start bottling. I went down to the local bottle redemption center and asked for nice green bottles. You know Heiny or something like that. I also wouldn’t mind having those Corona bottles there. I looked into the bottle and there was green mold. I asked the clerk what the heck was in them. He told me people put lime’s or lemon’s in them. Ok, I figured I could clean them out with a little work. I got home and cleaned up all the bottles that night. I’m thinking this beer making business is not really that easy. The next day I was ready to bottle the beer and cap them. I had a long plastic tube which I was using as a siphon. I would put the bottle on the floor and bring the hose down into the bottle and fill it up. The problem that exsisted was I had no way at the time to really stop the beer from flowing once I started. The best method was to put the hose in my mouth between fills and exchanges of the new bottle. It was about halfway threw that I started to feel funny and a little giddy. I think by the end of the bottling I had consumed about one third of what I had made. I was finished with the process and had one hell of a buzz. I guess this beer was potent because I woke up with one heck of headache. I realized after making this beer that buying it at the store was much easier, really. I give it up to the real beer makers that don’t even use sugar and probably have a valve to shut off the flow. Bottles Up Everyone!


The Big One Got Away

Dwayne in Weld

Fishing in Maine in the winter can be a lot of fun and very cold at times. I decided to go fishing for the day not far from where I live. I went to the garage and retrieved my ice-fishing traps. I grabbed my Jiffy ice auger, and my bucket for bait. Several stores around here sell bait during the winter. The truck was started early so it would be nice and toasty when I hopped in it. Off to the store I went to get those shiners, little fish that shine. I like them because they are tough as nails and don’t die off easy. I told the store clerk I wanted a dozen, she asked me so how many do you want? Huh? I told her a bakers dozen, Huh? Alright I said 12, bakers is a little extra. I drove to the lake to meet a friend who was just taking up fishing and was really excited to start. We met at the lake and I look up and see and eagle soaring around looking for left over bait. This is bait that is not performing, or was hit by a fish and all chewed up. Hi Joe! I wave to my friend and he is so excited to start. I get out my Jiffy ice auger and start it up. Varoom! Varoom! You can only drill five holes or only have five lines in the water per license holder. I still can understand why the State Inland Fisheries couldn’t make it easy with six lines in the water. So off drilling holes and its time to put them in the water with bait. I hear a loud piercing noise and look up into the sky. There is the eagle again, looking at me with those piercing eyes like he want to eat me. The lines are all set and I’m waiting for the trap to go off. When you get a fish bite the flag fly up and someone hollers FLAG. Another thing that happens when your fishing is you drink a lot of coffee, just kidding, that is good for peeing. Beer really is the energy drink for ice fisherman. The extra high energy is from eating wild game, usually deer meat. FLAG my friend yells! I’m off to a mad sprint, well walk with a skip for me. We both get to the trap at the same time and the reel on the trap is spinning. I wait for it to slow down a bit because I don’t want my  hand to get rope burn. Ok I grab the line in my hand and give it a quick tug. This sets the hook in the fishes mouth hopefully. Well I feel the line has some weight on it so I believe at this point the fish is on. I start pulling up the line without I must add getting it tangled and get the fish up to the hole. Wow, my friend tells me it is a huge monster fish. The mouth starts coming out of the water and I’m getting excited myself. I get the fish halfway out of the hole and it slips back into the hole. I reach with all my quickness and try to scoop him out of the hole. You know those suckers are slippery for a reason because you only get a chance with a hook and not a chance with your hands. The big fish slips back through the ice and eludes me this time. I hear that noise again, I look up and the eagle is laughing. I’m taking up hunting next. The picture above is me in Weld, Maine. This trout didn’t get away. Webb Lake

Golf? Fore Fore Fore

I was an athlete when younger. I played many sports throughout middle school and high school. I was never the best but tried real hard and did a relatively decent job. I listened to what the coaches were telling me and moved forward through the years trying to get to the top. I knew they had golf in high school but never went out for that sport because it conflicted with other sports I tried out for. images

I’m now older and want to explain my golfing experience at the beginning. I came to a local golf course and found the flag with No.1 being the first hole. I took a swipe and the ball went up pretty good but with a big curve. The next few shots I was digging for worms or something because I couldn’t hit that stupid little ball. I made it around and I think I was on the fourth hole and I was swinging and swinging and I hear a guy hollering at me. I’m think he is saying Fore. No not Fore, but hey you? I reply yes sir, he replies your doing it all wrong. I look and this guy only has one arm. Ok, this is not a good scene and I don’t want anyone to see me with this guy. Remember I was and athlete back in the day. Well he tells me not to pick my chin up and keep looking at the ball. He shows me how, and nails the ball, whoosh. It truly was an amazing shot for someone with a handicap. So I never take anything for granted and always try to listen to what someone else has to say because there is always someone better than you at something. I have learned what Four means now. It is me and the one armed guy at hole Four.

Lights Go Down In The City


I was living out in California the Lake Tahoe region and a few friends of mine and I decided to take a trip to Redwood City California to see one of my friends parents. I was styling in a 1954 Chevy and really wasn’t sure this car could make the big trip. We packed up our stuff and off we went heading south. The radio in the car was AM/FM but we found a station that we could sing along with some of the popular songs of the day. I noticed as we were driving that it had started to sprinkle and wasn’t too worried. We drove on and was enjoying each others company along the way. The visability now was getting worse and starting to rain much harder so I decided to turn on the windshield wipers. Whoosh Whoosh back and fourth about three trips then the wipers stopped working. What the heck, I flicked the switch a few times and nothing. How could the wipers fail now on our maiden voyage to the city. The boys and I stated to come up with a plan. Ole McGiver in the bunch gives his best advice. It is now pouring rain outside and driving is almost impossible. McGiver states that if we tie rope to each wiper we could run the wipers from within the car. So out of the car and we tied the ropes on the wipers. It was a genius decision and you know what it worked. I started the old Chevy up, turned on the radio and off we went. I cranked up the radio and the song, When the Lights Go Down in the City, was playing on the radio. I will never forget that song forever. Whenever I hear this song I am on my way to the city and riding in my Chevy with the boys. Funny how certain songs get etched into your brain like that. I’m sure everyone has had an experience like this. Tell me about some, I liked to hear them. Leave a comment here, That would be the easy way.

Thanksgiving 4 Me


I have always enjoy Thanksgiving, probably my favorite holiday. The hunters are out for their last hunts of the season and old man winter is at the doorstep. I enjoy this holiday the most because we get to have some family over to enjoy the turkey and all the fixings. I also must say it gets me cooking pies. I just love this time of year because of all the scents in the house, also enjoy that usually a good football game is on too. There is nothing like having leftovers that you can bring to work for the next couple of days. I’m gonna give my family a hug and tell them what I’m thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving Folks- I’m going to get me some apple pie, ice cream, with sharp cheese. Enjoy!

Daddy Daddy I Miss You


My little girl was like any other child. She played with dolls and had friends but something was missing. She is playing in the living room and she is rocking back and forth and she is crying. I must find out what the problem is with her because this is not the first time. I hear her talking with her doll friends and listen in on the chatter. She is saying, my dad he is an army man and he is fighting in a war but he is coming back soon I know because he told me so. I start to have tears in my eyes and only hope that time will heal. My husband died three months ago fighting for the freedoms of us in America. I cannot stop my own crying but want to help her in some way. How do I make her understand that her daddy is in heaven? I walk back to the kitchen and I can hear the coffee pot is just about done brewing. Daddy, Daddy, please give me a hug, I can hear this in the background. Her daddy was an outstanding person. In his civilian life he worked with disabled children and would give everything into his job. Now in his own death how could his past help this little child, his own, loving daughter who needed him. Only time really knows. So many children in this country are in this situation and need help. The mothers and fathers are grieving and sometimes need help. Just remember to always talk with your children and love and cherish every moment with them.

The War Inside Me


I was seventeen years old and a raging war was going across the State line. If I listened real hard at night I could hear the guns going off and men screaming. I lie awake and I’m shaking with the thought of those men out there and no one to help them. I made up my mind that if I ever was drafted I would join the corpsmen. This year I was going to get myself in shape by doing a lot of hard work around the farm. I know my dad had asked me several times to split some firewood but I kept putting it off. I was going to do this for my dad and myself. I worked the fields that summer putting in fence post and haying with my family. The end of the summer was coming and I was going to turn eighteen in the fall and old enough to enlist. I wasn’t going to tell my dad or mom until that day and only after I was of age. The day had finally come and I walked through the woods to town and could see the other young men standing in line to say the oath. I made it to the line and stood, proud of my decision to become a man. I walked up to the recruiter, raised my hand and said the oath. He told me I have to be at the meeting hall at the end of town and that is where I would receive my shots and retrieve my medic bag and weapon. They was going to give me one day of training before being sent to the front line. I went home that night and was fighting off nerves to stand up and tell my parents. Mom, Dad, I joined the corpsmen and I’m leaving in the morning. To my surprise my Dad and Mom gave me a big hug and told me to be safe. Hugs and Kisses did follow. I woke up in the morning, off to the meeting hall I went. The Sargent advised all of us that one and ten would survive so you better do your job if you want to come home. Our squad was attached to a regiment and off we went to the sound of guns in the distance. We was walking in a straight line when all of sudden the earth shook. I looked up ahead and saw a mans arm had been shot off. I ran up to him as fast as I could and grabbed a strap I had in the medic bag and tied it around and above the gruesome wound. The bleeding resided and another corpsmen and I dragged him back to end of the line so we could monitor his vitals. Another large explosion and my ears are ringing and the dust is blowing all over the place. I try to catch my breath and I’m now coughing so hard. Finally I catch my breath and see that the whole front of the line has been mowed down by that explosion. Again with my medic bag I run to the front and I’m now treating two soldiers. The soldier on the right tells me to grab his dog tag and tell his wife that he loved her dearly. This soldier takes his last breath right in front of me. I have never been exposed to this in my life and wondering if I made the right decision to join. The other soldier is calling out for help, Medic! Medic! I’m right here soldier what is hurting you right now. He tells me that his right leg is broken and he is very dizzy from the concussion. I grab what I have in my bag, not much, but I have a small board and some bandages. I told him to grit his teeth because this was going to hurt. I pulled his leg and applied the board to the outside of his leg and wrapped it in a bandage. Bang! Bang! The lights go out, I’m in a field putting up fence post.


Four Eye’s and Now I R’s One


Reflecting back in my childhood years the comment hey Four Eyes would be heard quite often. Yes, very harsh words to a young child. Back in the days when most children were giving glasses if their grades were dropping. Your son or daughter is having trouble seeing the chalkboard seemed like a perfect answer to the parents when grades were dropping. The fact really was your son or daughter was being bullied by harsh words, Hey Four Eyes? The saying, always watch what you say because some day it might come to haunt you really is true. In my older years now, but not a person who was bullying about four eyes, have been burdened with wearing glasses. So I have become four eyes. Another great thing my dad always told me, keep your nose clean and don’t burn bridges. Someone you didn’t like and you let it be known, could some day be your boss. REMEMBER THIS! So true today.  Any stories about same situations or indifferent please leave a comment. I write short stories and English is my first language. I just blame it on the stupid teacher with four eyes who didn’t care if I passed or not. No just kidding!

Turkey’s Oh My


It is wonderful when you have a truck because just about anything can go in them. I was styling in a used Chevy S-10 with a cap. I loved that truck and it was good off road. One day my uncle and my dad called to ask for a little help and a sweet deal for me and the S-10. Listen to this deal, ok I’m game give it to me. Uncle Maurice has all these turkey’s and wants to use your truck to bring them to the butcher shop. What is in it for me? Ok because you are going to let him use the truck he will give you a nice fat and plump turkey. Hey! That is a no brainer, sweet deal, of course Uncle Maurice can use the truck. So Maurice came, stuffed the turkey’s in the bed and off he went. Wow, what a deal I just made, it just doesn’t get any better than that just before Thanksgiving day right? The truck made it back and my dad tells me there is a slight problem. Huh? Well I forgot to tell you that Turkey’s crap at a rate than no other creature on this planet. I put a garden hose to the back and cleaned it out the best I could. Pee-you it still smelled like turkey butt. The value of my S-10 had gone down at this point. I couldn’t go out on a date with this truck anymore. So you just never know when a good deal can go sour in a minute. Gobble Gobble- Enjoy the holiday Everyone. I’m buying our Turkey out of grocery store for now on.

We Dont Talk Funny In Maine


Funny growing up here in Maine. We have picked up different slang from all over the state. I still wonder where all these words came from. One saying comes to mind. He went off into the road, right into the pucker brush. This in reference to going into the raspberry bushes. Another is Ayuh, which in our language book refers to yes. I know different parts of the country have their own slang. I have to tell you that Maine, in general, has many depending what part of the state you live in. The Maine coast has what we call the downeast accent. You can’t get lobstah from hee-yahhhh. And Ayuh probably came from that region. The extreme north has been influenced by the Canadians so they speak with French twist. The central part of the state there is a lot of farming. The accent there is a little different than the North and South. Here is some other slang. Cocker- Meaning it was a grand event. Usetah- It used to be that way. Mired- Stuck in the mud with an off road, or even and on road vehicle. Bier- Beer. You cant get there from Hee-yahhhh! I really think that a lot of the slang here came from our forefathers that didn’t ever go to the dentist. Teeth was an option, beer was not. So if you ever come to this State enjoy the language which we have developed. AYUP!

My Canadian Connection


My relatives go back to France and moved to Canada in the Three Rivers area of Quebec. There my Grandfather moved to the United States with his family. When he was a young boy, his parents could not afford to live and all the children that were old enough to work were kicked out of the house and forced to live on their own. My grandfather worked building railroads in the Arizona region at one point in his life. He came back to Maine and started working in the paper mill industry and worked like 46 years or so. I am full French/Canadian and cannot speak French. This has always driven me crazy. My folks would speak French all the time when I was a child but only to keep stuff they didn’t want my brothers or I to hear. I did pick up some French, mostly swear words and what was at the dinner table. Kids in school were taught English in our area and the French language slowly went away . Still very sad and I wish today I had that language under my belt. They tried to teach us French in high school but it was French as spoken in France and not Canada. I dropped out of this class. Today I still look at where I came from with great admiration for what my relatives had to endure just for us to be where I am today.

The Tundra Is Frozen


I was on a research team for Ocean Industries Inc. back in my younger years. We was going to explore the regions of seismic activity in the Black Sea. I remember one night the crew and I were in the mess hall enjoying our beef stew when the ship shuddered. We were all very silent, each looking into each others eyes with a doom and gloom stare. I spoke first, but only for second, when a second shudder startled us. This time there were alarms going off and voice commands, report to your emergency stations. The captain came on the speaker again and told us that we came upon a shelf of ice and that it was possible the screw was damaged because we lost power and couldn’t go in reverse. Oh great it was -30 deg C outside, and we was stranded. We gathered all the warm gear that we could but I still didn’t have warm enough boots to go up on the deck and stand for hours. The crew and I all gathered top deck and we knew it was going to be a long time for anyone to come rescue us. The food was already low because we were at the end of our research . We was taking a different route back, the captain told us, but I had a funny feeling in my gut when he told us it was a shortcut. We are standing on the deck trying to secure stuff for the long haul and I’m freezing. I cannot feel my toes anymore and one of my crew members is almost crying. I’m thinking what the heck are you crying for? We are all in this together, right? My moustache is frozen to my upper lip and my ear feels like frozen chicken wings. We have to work hard and fast because a storm is coming. I can see dark clouds in the sky and in the same direction that we was going to take. My bones are starting to ache and my eyelids keep sticking. My nose keeps sticking every time I try to breath through my nose. I cannot wait to get below deck. We are just about done with securing everything when all of a sudden the engine quits. The captain hollers at us to go check the engine room to see what the problem is. I am second in line and just as we get to the door to the engine room we see smoke coming out. We are now with no power, freezing,and no rescue in site. A dream can be so vivid.

We Called it Helicopter Skiing


I lived in Kings Beach, California when I was 18 years old. This is a small town located in Lake Tahoe. This is the Sierra Mountains and I lived at 6300 ft elevation. The mountains from the lake are enormous and the roads curve all through the area. I had some friends that were ski bums just like myself and we decided one day to travel toward one ski area. I believe it was called Ski Reno at the time which was located off highway 80 on the Nevada side . The two friends and I decided to chip in money for gas and we headed toward the ski slope and when we were almost to the top we stopped. The road curved around the mountain so we figured that we could ski down about 3000 feet in virgin powder. Two would hop out of the car and ski down this beautiful landscape. Everything you ever dreamed about skiing in powder was all of that here. We would all take turns carving our way down then meet at the road again. We called it helicopter skiing because it was like being dropped off on the top of a mountain with the helicopter, except we only had a small car with a ski rack. I would have to say that was the best skiing I ever had and didn’t pay but 5 bucks for gas. I will have to tell you about downhill skiing at Squaw Peak someday. I dropped off a cornice and about died. That is another story and someday will write about that- As my friend here in Maine always states” IF YOUR NOT ON THE EDGE THEN YOUR TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE.

Chills Up My Spine


       I was living in Phoenix and a young college student around 1981 or so. The day had come and It was going to be my first day on the job at a Hotel right smack in the middle of the city. Downtown district or Central Drive back then was a dangerous place to be. Here I am, a Frenchman from Maine, walking the streets of the city. The big buildings were intimidating for me, and I’m very nervous just being there. I was going to be a busboy in a restaurant on the very top of this Hotel. It was a rotating structure that moved 360 degree’s in one hour. I get in the elevator and hit floor 28  and off to the top I go. The elevator door opens and I talk to the manager, come right with me he states. I was giving twelve tables to clean up after people had dined. I walked over to edge of the structure and all the glass all the way around was just beautiful. I look down and can see the city streets, what a view I’m thinking. It sure doesn’t look like pine tree’s here. The day ended and I hopped into the elevator for my trip down. It is now about 2300 hrs and the elevator stops at ground floor. I walk through the two double doors to the outside street. The doors automatically shut behind you, thump I hear behind me. I just started walking and three Asian men are walking toward me, I look over to my right and there is some other guys in a small parking lot sitting next to a barrel that is on fire to keep warm. It does get cool at night in the Arizona nights at times. So the three guys are approaching me and one guy grabs my arm and holds me and the other two are behind me so I’m not sure what their intentions are. The guy speaks in broken English and tells me to give him money . I’m starting to get chills up my spine because I have heard about people getting knifed around here. I tell him I only have a quarter in my pocket and I will give it to him. He tells me thank you man, this will help feed his family. Yea right! He walks away with his friends and my nerves are now on the way down. I realize that you never know what to expect but always be vigilant when your under the gun. I worked in that restaurant for a few months and had the crap scared out of me other times. I would drive my motorcycle to a small parking lot up the street and I would run as fast as possible to the Hotel. At night I would have to run by the local bars on the street with people fighting in the street. I would run right by them with my motorcycle key in hand and when I arrived at the bike I was zoom off. Another time I came to a traffic light and there was people fighting in the street. I drove right through that light and made off like roadrunner. Beep! Beep! The chills on my spine happened a few times in that city and I grew street smart real fast.

Ferry Boat Ride Of A Lifetime


When I was young every summer my folks would take my three brothers and I over to Vinalhaven, Maine. This was a small Island off from the shores of Rockland. One trip over would take awhile and I would get a little queasy from the trip. This ferry would carry passengers and also automobiles. Friends of ours had a summer cottage on the island and we would go there to visit and eat and be festive. I remember the skipper of the ferry was a friend of the people we would go visit. One day my brother and I got to go in the wheelhouse and the skipper let us steer the vessel. Turn so many degree’s and stay at 180 degree’s he would call out. You know for a little guy this really makes you feel like a captain for a day. I had a grin from ear to ear and my brother too. The childhood memories, what a great trip it has been. You have any adventures like this? Let me know I would love to hear it. Ahoy! Check out this Ferry today.

You Feel That? I Did


      I will never forget the day we had a small earthquake here in Central Maine. It doesn’t compare to anything like you hear out West or Japan, but never the less it was real that day. I was sitting with my daughter at the breakfast bar and my son was on the computer upstairs. Just chatting with my then 5 year old daughter when I heard something outside and it was very loud. A rumbling sound, you can tell that it was moving because the sound was getting closer and closer. It then hit the house,the windows and floor shook. It was weird because you still could tell it was moving and the sound went threw the house and out the other side,  you could still hear that noise going away from us.My daughter started crying because she had never felt or heard a noise like that either. I called up to my son and he states, what the heck was that? At first I thought he fell down the stairs. I then thought maybe the furnace blew up. I then realized it was an earthquake. I’m not a scientist but figured this out after a few thought checks. It was only a 3.2 on the scale but certainly here in Maine large enough for us to feel it. The earth beneath us can shift wherever you are in the world. I will buy another pair of shorts just to prepared for the next shaking.



A tragic accident leaves a scar for life. Jake was an energetic young man with goals in life just like any other young man. The joy to have a son, the first child is so special and this gives us the first time being a parent so this makes it very special. Jake was trying different jobs to see what really interested him. I know that he would have put his heart and soul into anything when he finally landed the dream job. I watched this young boy grow through the years and become a man. He was so polite and would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. His step father had raise him almost from a baby and loved him like he was his own. Jake had two fathers that he loved very much. His mom loved him very much too and was always looking out for him and taking him to all his sporting events or rides to his friends. Jake had two sisters that looked up to him, being the big brother. His mom and dad would spend summers at a campground which would give the kids the freedom to become young adults with local kids, some they went to school with. This camping gave Jake the outdoors that he needed and his family loved so dearly. It has been a year now that Jake passed and we know in heaven he is looking down on his family and saying I’m ok mom and dad, you prepared me for this. Life is only a short time and I’m watching down and taking care of you until we meet back at my camping spot. I still remember the smile and laughs with Jake and to this day I don’t ever want to forget how special of a boy he was to everyone.

Free!-Oh Give Me A Break

Funny Monkey in Glasses_7

How many times have you filled your name to a raffle and won, then to be let down when the tell you to go see a condo or time shares? I have to go back in time when my dad had signed up down in Florida. The first prize was a speed boat and second was a camper. He received the call. Mr. Smith you have won. You have a choice actually, boat or camper. I will take the boat. Yeah! He is all excited then they tell him to come down and pick it up. I don’t have a truck to haul it so can you deliver it. The answer was NO. What? Come on I won it right. Yes you did, so bring it to me. My dad figured it out. It was a scam to get you down there to purchase a camper or trade for a boat. He told them to shove it. I had the same thing happen to me. Of all times during Xmas shopping in a mall. I walked with my wife and saw a raffle to win a Jeep. I plunked my name and number and on my shopping way I went. After Xmas I receive a call, this is so and so from the mall and you have won a jeep. Yeah! They actually left a message on my answering machine to call the 1-900 number between the hours of so and so. Every time I called it would say please call back later. So after several tries, like seven, this fellow answers the call. He states actually you didn’t officially win but you have to meet at the hotel and try out a key. If yours starts it you win. Being a smart fella, I figured out their scam. This is how the jeep was funded. Every person that called 1-900 number has to pay for those calls. I called seven times and the other and other and other people too. I told that guy he could take that key and place it in a region, well you know where. So just remember what your parents and friends tell you. Free is never free. Read between the lines.

One Step Forward Two Back


Why does it seem like you move ahead one day then back the next. I decided I better get off my rear and get the plow truck running before old man winter arrives. I have been moving forward this fall very well. The leaves have been a real problem around here, seems like and endless chore. The wood was another big chore that had to be done. So back at the plow truck again. I have an old truck that just sits around all summer waiting for the job it has waited for. The first thing I did, I have to go back to this summer, is try to start it to keep the fluids sloshing around. I opened the door and I’m met by bee’s. I go to the garage and get the spray. Whoosh! That batch of bees are eradicated. Ok I turn the key and the battery is dead, Nada! Back to the garage to get the jump starter. The truck starts and now it’s ready for fall. So back here now at fall and it’s starting to look like winter. I open the truck door and notice mice droppings. Oh, great! I open up the glove box and a big nest is packed in it. That night I decided to put a mouse trap in the cab. The next morning I look and the trap is triggered but no mouse. Two more days and trap is triggered and no mouse. I try a different mouse trap, the original type, old wooden one and this morning I had a mouse. Ok, success so I move forward again. I try to start and the battery and it is dead again. Darn it! Back to the garage again to retrieve the jump starter. The truck fires up, varoom! I take the jump starter off and close the hood. Now to the plow that is down. I need to raise this rusted old plow up so I can drive it to the driveway and vacuum out the mice droppings . I try to raise the plow and the truck stalls. Not enough voltage and the motor sucks down the current needed to run the electronics in the vehicle. Open the hood again, jump starter, then varoom again. I let it run for a bit and try the plow again. Up and away it goes. Next move is to get the rust off the brakes. I drive the truck down the driveway and push the brakes. A little sticky but working fine. I put the truck and reverse and back it up the driveway. This is when I see a cloud of dust looking through the windshield. Hey wait, that isn’t dust its smoke. Oh shucks, what’s next? The truck is still running so I hop out of the truck to investigate this smoke issue. First I’m looking for fire and do not see any. I then look and fluid is leaking out and it is spraying on the exhaust system. After further investigation I find a transmission fluid line has burst. This is a tubing line from transmission cooler to the  transmission. Just never seem to get ahead. I try to fix this problem myself but where the leak is I cannot reach and I have nothing to repair it with. Two back and one forward always seems to happen. Let me know if you have any situations like this. You can leave a comment here on my blog.  and my friends can leave a comment on facebook. I’m sure you folks have stories like this.

Cold Toes Go Into The Oven


Your toes are precious and cold, please honey can I warm them up? Been a long night and doing some outdoor training in late November here in Maine. It is 26 degrees F and really starting to be a toe chiller type of night. It is not bad if you jump out of your car then into a nice warm car. This training we are doing with the fire department requires us to be out for a couple hours. Yes we are tough firemen but we are human and the cold does get to us too. So thinking about all the things that can warm a person up when cold. Sitting next to a fire, or putting one out. Yes! Having a nice hot warm coffee or hot chocolate. Yes! Standing in front of a dryer, stupid one? How about laying in a nice warm bed. Ah, so here I am laying in bed and the significant other jumps into bed. Yes, I’m nice and warm and the blankets are all wrapped around me. She jumps into the bed and in one quick motion she take her very cold feet and plows them right into my legs for warmth. It is a procedure called “putting the toes into the oven”. I do believe it is a documented scientific procedure. Look it up. Within minutes the chiller is all warm and I’m  laying here trying to warm back up.